Overseas Companies

Overseas companies wanting to do business in India carefully follow a detailed process to ensure no wrong step is taken at any point.

Attend Exhibitions and Seminars to get first-hand feedback, Hire a business and compliance consultancy , Initial Market Potential Assessment, Setting up liaison office, Initial Staffing, Exploring distribution channels and then setting up a full fledged branch office are some of the important steps in this process.

During this process, accurate and unbiased market intelligence is always required to fine tune the above decisions.

The initial staff, consultancy, limited time spent on field, Channel-feedback help in building this market intelligence. But this market intelligence is many a times subjective, inadequate , person dependent and time consuming.

The time delay is more hurting as there are other players from same or similar countries and products, often at a similar exploration stage. The one with the fastest pit stop is more likely to win the race.

HubScale helps overseas companies to get Comprehensive, Accurate and Quick market intelligence which can shape the business strategies.

We recommend 'Advanced HubScale' for Overseas companies.

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